We are Proud Monkey, a tribute to Dave Matthews Band.

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, congratulations. You found A Proud Monkey. We strive for the most accurate sonic representations of the music and feel of a Dave Matthews Band show. Many of our stage instruments are virtually identical to those used by the actual band throughout the last 25 years, which is integral to accurate replication. We provide a wide array of performance products, and can give your special event a once in a lifetime experience from beginning to end.


We are a collective of the most in-demand studio and live musicians based in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our members have performed thousands of shows in every scene: from listening rooms to metal festivals in Europe for 300,000 people, Proud Monkey's core is founded on elite musicianship and complete professionalism.

With a catalogue of roughly 75-111 Dave Matthews Band songs, there is no song off limits with a Dustin solo performance. From deepest cuts to the biggest hits, you can assemble your own virtual setlist and with a week's notice, he'll do it for you!

The world’s most accurate Dave and Tim experience. Having opened for Tim in the past, (and holding his tent down in the pouring rain on april 15 2000 at a Villanova solo Tim show), we have firsthand visuals as to how to properly recreate the Dave and Tim experience. 

Our full band can accomodate any budget. With up to 8 members, we can easily formulate a performance for your special event or venue that will accurately recreate any era of Dave Matthews Band. We can perform as a core 5 piece, or add keys, a second horn, and electric guitar depending on your budget. For our ticketed shows at large venues, we usually always operate as a 7 piece minimum.  

Our violinists are constantly in high demand for weddings throughout the tri-state area. Maybe you’d like a violinist to play a beautifully arranged rendition of “#41” as you walk down the aisle? We can do that for you. 

Our lead guitarist, Neil Nicastro, is also a very busy full-service wedding musician. He can play any instrumental pieces (along with mark) during a wedding processional, cocktail hour, ceremony, anything you want.

If you’d like some more smoothed out, jazz style renditions of DMB music, perhaps for cocktail hour, our members are all seasoned jazz musicians who can easily handle any of your special requests. Instrumental Dreaming Tree, to Space Between, nothing is out of reach.

As above, our guitarist Neil Nicastro also can operate as an MC for the evening as well as providing DJ Services. You can not only hire a full spectrum Dave Matthews Band experience, you can bundle all your traditional wedding services and we can completely cover your entertainment. See Packages tab for base pricing.

 A: Prelude, Cocktail Hour, MC/DJ, Full 7 piece Band, Solo $8000

This package consists of prelude/processional music, a cocktail hour of music of your choice, full MC/DJ services for dinner hour, wedding intro's, and a full Dave Matthews Band experience, followed by a complimentary solo campfire set (if desired).

B: Cocktail Hour, MC/DJ, Full 6 piece band $6000

This package consists of a cocktail hour lineup of your choice, MC/DJ Services for dinner hour, and a full 6 piece Dave Matthews Band experience. 

C. Cocktail Hour, Full 5 Piece Band $4500

Cocktail hour lineup of your choice, with a full 5 piece Dave Matthews Band Experience

D. Full Band Pricing a la carte:

$7000/8 piece

$5500/6 piece

$4000/5 piece

Duo/Trio/Quattro available as well


All packages modifiable. Lowball offers not considered.

Master list


Seek up 


Song that Jane likes 

Christmas song

I’ll back you up 

Blue water 

Help myself

Best of what’s around 

What would you say 


Rhyme and reason 

Typical situation

Dancing Nancies

Ants marching 

Lover lay down

Jimi thing 


Pay for what you get 


So much to say 

Two step 


Too much 


Say goodbye 

Drive in drive out 

Let you down 

Lie in our graves 

Cry freedom 

Tripping billies 

Proudest monkey


Last stop 

Don’t drink the water 



The stone 


Dreaming tree 



Monkey man

Sweet up and down

I did it 

When the world ends 

Space between 

Dreams of our fathers 

So right 

What you are 

Fool to think 


Grey street 

You never know 



Grace is gone 

Kit Kat jam

Big eyed fish 


Stay or leave 




Grey blue eyes 

Some devil


Too high


Old dirt hill 

Smooth rider 

Stand up 

American baby intro 

American baby 

Out of my hands 

Everybody wake up 

Louisiana bayou 

Hunger for the great light

Shake me like a monkey 

Lying in the hands of god 

Why i am 




Time bomb 

Beach ball

Belly belly nice


If only 

The riff 

Snow outside

Break for it 

Idea of you 


Break free 

Red glare

Samurai cop 


Virginia in the rain 

Here on out 

Can’t stop 

Come on come on 

Come tomorrow 

Do you remember

The maker 

Beauty of wynona 

Eyes of the world 

Me and Julio 

Cortez the killer 


Saw her standing there 

Runnin down a dream 

Solsbury Hill 



We can handle any of your entertainment needs.