About A Proud Monkey

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, congratulations. You found A Proud Monkey. We’re the most passionate tribute to the music of the Dave Matthews Band that we think you can find on Earth. We strive for the most accurate sonic representations of the music and feel of a Dave Matthews Band show. Many of our stage instruments are visually identical to those used by the actual band throughout the last 25 years and when combined with a dedicated passion for the band’s music as we perform it provides an aesthetic that can only be replicated by the real thing.

We are available for events of any size, from solos to 5,6,7 or 8 piece full band. With quality concert tickets from all bands being increasingly difficult to obtain, we are your next best thing. We dig deep into the band’s catalogue, throwing out deep cuts mixed with their best-known numbers, as well as offering our versions of their covers. (Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan..etc). We’ll also be recreating certain shows, performing full studio albums live, and giving it our all.

Our Members are all seasoned musicians who’ve performed nationally on a regular basis. No tribute band can compare to our credentials or passion.

Band Bios

We sincerely hope that if you are a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, that you come check us out and see how much passion we impart to recreating the true experience of seeing the real band.

Contact us for pricing, we will find a fit for you.