About A Proud Monkey

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, congratulations. You found A Proud Monkey. We strive for the most accurate sonic and visual representation of the music and vibe of a Dave Matthews Band show.

We are available for events of any size, from solos to 5,6,7 or 8 piece full band. We dig deep into the band’s extensive catalogue, pulling out deep cuts mixed with their best-known hits, as well as offering our own version of covers they've done. We can recreate specific live shows, play albums through in sequence, and create dream setlists for you.

Our Members are all highly seasoned musicians who’ve performed nationally on a regular basis for the last twenty years. No other tribute band can compare to our credentials or passion. Contact us for whatever event you'd like, we can work with anyone and can travel anywhere.

Band Bios

We sincerely hope that if you are a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, that you come check us out and see how much passion we impart to recreating the true experience of seeing the real band.

Contact us for pricing, we will find a fit for you.